Dr. James Fierro


The Office of Dr. James Fierro Offers

Same Day Sick Appointments

What to expect when I call for a same-day appointment:

  • The office will confirm your name, basic demographic information, and current insurance.
  • We will then ask you questions pertinent to the symptoms you are experiencing or the details of your injury.

Will I receive a same-day appointment?

  • In many cases and depending on the specific level of care we determine you need, you may be seen in our office same-day.  
  • If you call prior to 1:00 PM, more emergent appointments are likely to be scheduled same-day.
  • However, if you should call after 1:00 PM, you may be offered an appointment for the following day.
  • Keep in mind that routine physical / wellness visits, or visits of a more non-urgent nature, will be scheduled at our first available appointment time.

Could I be referred to another facility?

  • The answer to that question is “Yes.”
  • If the practice determines that your symptoms or injury are of a more urgent nature, you may be referred to a specialist who is familiar with your medical needs, or, possibly to the closest hospital emergency room.
  • In the most severe case, the practice may advise you to call emergency services by dialing “911.”